On Assignment



Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the “Berry and Pearl Harrison Family Gathering”.  I truly had a great time, not to mention the good food and fellowship.  Special thanks to Ms Dot Kilgore and Ms Ann Kinard for giving me the assignment.

I have posted a few photos to share the moment, the gallery can be seen here and Oh, don’t forget that Killer Harrison Video (If you are at work – turn the volume on your computer down).  Enjoy







Play Ball

Greenville Councilwoman Lillian Fleming, Judge Butler and Greenville Drive Dir. throw out the first pitch

Greenville Councilwoman Lillian Fleming, Judge Butler and Greenville Drive Dir. throw out the first pitch

Shout Out to my cousin and Frat Brother Judge Horace Butler for the wonderful work he is doing for the community he grew up in. Achievement is the fundamental purpose of our fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) and he exemplifies the true meaning of achievement.

Following is excerpts from The City Of Greenville news release:

Thursday, August 1, the Juanita Butler Cardinals will take on the Nicholtown Mets at the Juanita Butler Community Center baseball field.  This will also, be Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity night.

“Members of the Greenville Alumni Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity have worked with City staff to develop the program concept and recruit and coach program participants. The Juanita Butler team is coached by Judge Horace Butler, who is the son of Juanita Butler and a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Judge Butler was introduced to baseball at a young age by his dad, Horace Butler, Senior, who at the time was the president of the Greater Sullivan Street Association. “The Juanita Butler Community Center, which is named after my mother, had just been built, and dad went into his own pocket to start a baseball team called the JB’s,” said Butler. “We never played any real games, but his dream was realized, and the next year the City of Greenville started little league baseball.” According to Butler, their first official team was the Sertoma Cardinals. Butlers says at some point, the league was dissolved, but he always had a desire to bring baseball back to the inner city. “This program and league is a dream come true not only for me, but for my parents,” said Butler. “I hope it will keep youth out of trouble while out of school and beyond and I pray it promotes unity, fellowship and the love of the game not only in the youth, but also in our communities as it did for me and my peers in years past.”



That Time of Year

It's Hot

It’s Hot

Well it’s  that time of year again hot, humid, clothes sticking to your body, at-least here in Carolina, the start of High School football season.  Around here it’s a religion, (I would bet there more heads bowed for pre-game prayer than there are in church on Sunday, probably a good time to pass the collection plate).  Where is here, Clinton SC home of the Clinton Red Devils, often referred to as “The Pride of Clinton”.  Tonight I start my fall freelance photo assignments with the Red Devils, been doing this for over 30 years (whew).

Oh by the way the weather SUCKS, it’s rainy and cool, a perfect waste of a good football game.  ENJOY